Wedding shrines!


The blustery day has driven me from house projects and into the studio! I like these days, they are inspiring! So for the afternoon, I will be listening to folk music on KBOO and crafting away!

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My studio caravan!

So I know I’ve posted before about my 17 foot 1970 nomad


named Starla. But since she keeps evolving I thought i’d better post some new pictures!  This morning I hung a curtain


over the doorway.  Its not so much decorative as it is functional, since its primary purpose is to keep the heat (or cool) inside the trailer after marcus or opal open the door to either come in, or go out and bark at something! While they trained themselves how to open the door, try as I might I cannot get them to close it again!

The vintage chest of drawers is new too, and the large beach scene oil painting is waiting for godzilla to be painted in the waves. Its for my brother, he does so love his tacky goodwill paintings.


Anyway, back to work! I’m painting a sign for the paint department at home depot right now!


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Starla, my studio trailer!


I have posted about my trailer before, although I believe that it was almost two years ago when I first finished remodelling her insides.  This spring I decided that I would have to tackle her outsides since those outsides had started allowing the weather to leak through to her insides again and well, we just can’t have that now can we?

So I gave her a good scrubbing yesterday with the intention of repainting/sealing her roof and painting her sides. Well, the sides are going t be easy, the roof…. let’s just say I am going to have to build her a roof, since I don’t think the top will stay sealed without it!

Giving up on that for now, I decided to start painting her sides. Visit back to see the rest of the colors starla is going to be, she’s no where near done yet!


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Sue spargo quilt!


My mother ordered the block of the month quilt from sue spargo last year.  Its beautiful, colorful, folkie, and fun to work on. After getting off to a stellar start, I quickly fell behind my mom in working on it! I guess working on two weddings in the same year will do that to a person :).

So now I am back on track! My colors are different from sue’s, but that’s only natural since I’m working with what I’ve got! Mom’s turned out fantastic, all she needs to do is quilt it and she’s afraid to do it cause she thinks she might ruin it. She’s an amazing quilter, so I don’t think that’s possible.

Anyway, I’ll post more as I get more done!


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Home depot apron


A few weeks ago I was asked to make an oregon trail inspired apron for a state representative who was coming by the store. He was visiting I think because of all the road construction right outside our doors there. Anyway, I didn’t care, it ment that I could goof off and spend most of my shift behind the paint desk painting and no one could yell at me!

I like how it turned out, even if I had limited colors to work with. I know, sounds strange right? Paint department, limited colors? But I had to work with what was already mixed, which wasn’t much!

Anyway, hope he liked it. It was a last minute job, and, As usual, the bigwigs didn’t acknowlege the little folks that saved their asses and made them look good. At least the folks in my department loved it!

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I picked a bunch of berries this summer and threw them in the freezer to can later. Well, its march now, and I have a Saturday night with the house to myself (jonah’s band is playing in eugene) so I thought I might make jam.

This store on killingsworth with its jars in the window reminded me of it!

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Geodes and agate slices!


Got inspired to make myself some new jewelry, so I just picked up some goodies at ed’s house of gems! Don’t know what i’m making yet, but if it turns out I’ll be sure to post it!

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So I’ve been a bit lackluster on the blogging for a bit.  Not to make excuses, but I was in wedding and honeymoon crunchtime and blogging was far from my mind. But now I am wedded, and honeymooned, and back in the real world.

The picture above was from the laini on the geodesic dome we stayed at on the hawaiian island of molokai. It was a lovely place to read or embroider, listening to the dogs, roosters, and ram all talking at the same time, all afternoon.  Sounds crazy, but it was really relaxing!

So anyway, I’m home now, just cleaned out the studio, and I’m about to get down to some serious crafting!


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Sleepy opal


Tired girl is hoping if she stays really still she won’t get kicked out of bed.  To bad for her, she just gets pictures taken of her, then kicked out of bed!

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Webpage work is hard!

I’ve just finished (for the moment, because I am frustrated) updating the Papaver Studio webpage.  I have severely chopped down my offerings in the jewelry department in order to focus on some new, fun, projects.  In the process I have discovered that my computer is riddled with files of the various incarnations of my webpage, and that I don’t have any clue which ones I should keep and which are safe to destroy! I live in fear that the one that I delete will have that one crucial file that I will discover I need later, only to never have it again….

That being said, the site is almost finished, but I know there are still bugs there to be looked at another day.  For some reason the background on my bottlecap jewelry page has decided to be white.  Its clearly green on Dreamweaver, and on the “preview on the internet page”, but in real life, its white. Grrrr.

And the “add to cart” buttons are all broken. They work, you just can’t see the cute little image that should be there. Grrrr.

And I’m sure there are other things too, I just can’t bring myselft to deal with those today. Today, I am off to clean bottles to put the fresh brewed beer into, and to bake Christmas cookies with my dear friend Leah, of Leah Glass.

Toodles! Maggie

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